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Inexpensive Ways To Boost The Value Of Your Home

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When thinking about increasing the value of a house, we think about remodeling your home, changing the floors, buying new furniture, and adding new rooms. But the truth is that there are many ways to boost your home’s value without spending lots of money. So here you have some tips to increase the value of your home without hurting your pocket

  • Keep things clean: Cleaning your house will help to keep it in its best shape possible and make it look as good as new. It also prolongs the useful life of the objects in it and ensures that the space will look the best way if a possible buyer ever comes in. Make an effort on dusting, vacuuming, whipping, and waxing everything, maybe dry clean pillows and cushions now and then.
  • Paint: Another affordable and DIY option is to apply some fresh paint. It might surprise you how much a room changes when recently painted, and you can always get some family and friends to help you, which will make things faster and more enjoyable. When thinking about the painting, you may go for neutral colors instead of darker or brighter ones, it seems more taken care of and will highlight different rooms features, like furniture, pictures, paintings, and mirrors.
  • Take care of the details: Details make a better home. There are lots of little things that all combined will mean a lot of profit. Fix loose wires, broken shelves or blinds, leaky faucets, change the knobs of cabinets and doors, and hide exposed pipes and wires. Potential buyers will for sure appreciate those little details. 
  • Update lighting: A vital feature for a nice home is lighting since it brings brightness and visibility to spaces. Add lighting to places that feel a bit dark; a chandelier is always a good addition to spaces like a dining room. Outside lighting is also important since it gives a higher safety feeling, and being used in the front of the house can, for example, attract new buyers. So invest in some good white LED lights, and in the end that small investment will represent a big profit. 
  • Please, get rid of popcorn: We’re not talking about the snack, of course, we are talking about popcorn ceilings. Fashionable a lot of time ago, completely out of fashion these days and gives a cheaper feeling to any room. Getting rid of it is actually pretty easy (just a bit messy) and we promise it will totally change the looks of any place.

As we said before, it’s all about the little things. It’s important to keep an eye on small details, take a good look at your house and think: If I were thinking about buying a place like this, how much would I pay, what would I change, what could I add or remove. Think the way a potential house buyer would, and try to improve things from that point of view. Rising the value of a place is not always about spending lots of money, sometimes it is all about being creative and making tiny additions that result in a big improvement. 

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