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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Perfume

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How to wear perfume?

Most people know how to wear perfume but some know how to wear perfume and when to wear it. Knowing how to wear perfume comes from first wearing it and then learning various ways to wear it. The first time you wear perfume you may ” detectors the aromas present but fail to understand that what actually happens to perfumes is that they are composed of fragrant compounds that are suited to the body emitting a fragrance which is independent of the initial scent.” You need to understand that the perfume reacts with your body heat, possibly some chemicals have to be added to the perfume to make it affordable to you.

Your perfume has to be a scent that you enjoy. Perfumes only last so long on your skin so if you enjoy it then you need to reapply it.

If you can actually sense any particular type of fragrance throughout the day then that’s a good scent. Perfumes actually consist of three notes. A base note, a medium note, and a top note. The base note is the scent you’ll smell after you come out of the shower and as it compares to the scent from the shower it is the main body tighter of the perfume. The medium note is the scent as it progresses through the day, the top note is the one that lingers after a while.

Normally you’ll want to wear a moisturizer or skin cream beneath your perfume. It allows the perfume to combine with your body’s scent. The cream will help the perfume to achieve a smoother scent and it will also make it last a little longer.

If you normally don’t wear perfume and are unsure what fragrances you like, try to think of some of those experiences. What was it like? How did people feel? Was it overwhelming? Try to avoid making too strong of first impressions but at the same time make people understand you. It’s all about the message and the way it’s blended in with your own natural scent.

Think about the opposite personal experience. How did you feel when you first applied the fragrance? What was the reaction you got from people? Were you overwhelmed?

The perfume never gets fully absorbed into your skin. There are varying degrees of penetration for all fragrances. You need to apply the perfume to the pressure points on the body. These points are sensitive in some areas and in some areas the perfume won’t be fully absorbed. You don’t know how much until you test it. By doing this you will be able to avoid areas that don’t react well and allowing you to get a true assessment of the strength of the perfume.

Perfume takes a while to develop as well. There is a very fine chain of events that starts from the time you put it on until it has completely dried. Normally it takes about 4 to 6 hours for the scent to settle into the air. Don’t worry, this concentration will vary according to each individual’s body chemistry. If you plan on being outside for an extended period of time, you may want to apply the perfume at night while you’re getting dressed. It won’t last all night. To get the scent to last all night, you should apply it a few times.

When applying perfume, avoid an expensive perfume that smells like vanilla or bubble gum. These types of perfumes will mature quickly and smell like unrefined natural oil. You may also want to avoid wearing exotic fragrances when you’re wearing a more traditional volume. Your scent should be sensual and should not resemble any perfume from this era. Any joyful scents that most people associate with youth may be too intense for you. You’ll be happy to discover that perfumes today are much more versatile, with scents that may brighten your mood and some that may change your mood entirely.

Keep in mind a few things when shopping for perfume. First, almost all perfume is made with alcohol, which can alter the smell and flavor. Avoid dry fragrances if you have dry skin, as they will only make your skin feel dried out. If you have oily skin, you may like to go with a heavier perfume. You may also want to test different perfumes on different days of the week, as your mood may change from the day before.


It is important to realize that perfumes for men and women are very different. A man’s perfume should not smell as strong as a woman’s perfume. Most designer perfumes are designed for a man because a woman wishing to age gracefully would not want to scent herself in a man’s perfume. Most men are going to discover perfume for men.

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